Juno Mission

The Juno Mission launched on August 5, 2011. It's mission is to study the
planetary composition of the planet Jupiter. Juno will take roughly 5 years
to reach its final destination, and orbit the giant 33 times. Upon completion
of it's mission, which will take one earth year, Juno will crash land into the
planet's surface. This is a tool developed in order to educate the population
about the importance of deep space exploration, as well as the mission itself.

Juno passes Mars.

On it's trip to Jupiter, Juno will maintain an average speed of 9,000 MPH.

In 2013 Juno will make one last orbit around the earth, using the earth's gravity as a slingshot towards Jupiter. Juno will pass Mars once more on it's trip.

By this time, Juno is now on it's final three year stretch to Jupiter. By the time Juno reaches Jupiter in 2016 it will have traveled over 1,740 million miles. Juno will orbit Jupiter 33 times during the course of one earth year, studying the formation of the planet and discovering whether or not water exists in deep space, among other things.