HTML/CSS Posters

The poster might be a print object, but it’s main purpose is catching someone’s eye and advertising a product, service, or event. Webpages can operate the same way, and often a startup or institutions site is nothing more than a poster (homepage) that links you off to some other stuff. For this project please design a poster using only HTML and CSS code (if you need a little JS, that’s fine too). You may use any @font-face references you’d like, but please create any graphic forms or other elements using only CSS3 transformations. Content in of your choosing. If you don’t want to come up with original content, take a design-history reference that you particularly love and try to replicate that using only code. “Poster” can be interpretted any way that you see fit. The point here is really to a) just make a single page that has graphic impact, and b) get a better understanding of @font-face use as well as some of the other CSS tranformations we've looked at. You should also begin to feel comfortable either taking a static design from PhotoShop or Illustrator and turn it into code — or — purely design “in the browser” with no design software even necessary.